What are the Best Sex Toys for Men?

a pair of fur lined handcuffs and 2 condom packets one of which is open

When people think of sex toys, they often think of vibrators and sex dolls. But there’s so much more on the market! Here are our suggestions for the four top sex toys for men, to really spice up your life in the bedroom, both when you go solo and when you have some sensual company.

1. Cockrings

What are cockrings? And more importantly, why are they so great? We all know how those with penises experience arousal – your aroused brain sends signals to your penis’ blood vessels. With more blood flux, the penis becomes bigger and harder. A cockring makes this process more intense, making the erection longer and more pleasant. There are various types of cockrings – some must be applied to the base of the penis, others to the balls, or to the area between the penis and the balls. Some vibrate, some don’t. Some are soft and elastic, being made out of rubber or silicone, and some are hard and inflexible, such as ones made of metal and hard plastic. In all cases, they exist to make your pleasure better! Some of the more constricting ones can even be used as BDSM gear, depending on your tastes.

2. Prostate vibrators

Who said that vibrators are only for vaginas and clits? The prostate and the perineum are full of nerve endings, stimulating them can create an intense and long-lasting pleasure. More and more researchers say that prostate massage is important for prostate health and can bring many health benefits to the men enjoying them. This is why vibrators for men exist, they can be used both internally and externally. Make sure you get them smooth so they don’t irritate the anus, with a slightly curved shape so as to make stimulation easier, and with a large base to make them safer. Before using them, make sure you cover the area you will stimulate with oils and lubricants. Then sit back and enjoy!

3. Fleshlights and strokers

Fleshlights come in many shapes and forms, to suit all sexual orientation and tastes. You can get them shaped like a vagina or an anus, or in a more abstract shape. All of them imitate the feeling of penetrative or oral sex. If you’re bored of just using your hand, this might be the product you’ve been waiting for!

4. Handcuffs

If you’re into some power play, handcuffs are the perfect sex accessories! Get them fuzzy and soft, or get a more threatening version, depending on what you and your partner prefer. Keep consent in mind, stay safe and more importantly have fun!

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