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8 Tantalising Pieces of Erotica to Read to Spice up Your Sex Life

spice up sex life

Because there’s a lot more than 50 shades of erotica out there. Oh, erotica! So undervalued and misunderstood. For years these saucy books remained destined for the darkest corners of the library, tempting only the most daring and liberated of us to delve into their tantalising pages. But then something happened. Unless you’ve been living […]

Why Every Month Should Be Masturbation Month: The Joys of Solo Sex

Silhouette of woman standing by window in bedroom, closing curtains about to enjoy masturbation and solo sex

May — the official month of masturbation — is over. But does that mean that you should stop pleasuring yourself? Hell no! Regardless of your gender or your sexual preference, the joys of solo sex should always be at the heart of your sex life. From preventing cancer to retaining youth, masturbation and self-exploration can […]