How to Clean Sex Toys: Essential Tips for Life-Long Pleasure

Various sex toys are arranged on a white background with pink and red hearts. Romantic background for goods from a sex shop

Cleaning a sex toy is important for long-lasting enjoyment, as well as your health. Find out how best to do it right here!

What’s the worst part of sex? It’s the bit that comes after. Tidying the clothes off the floor and throwing those sweaty sheets in the wash. Cleaning up is not the good bit, it’s not what we look forward to, but it has to be done.

The same can be said for solo fun; or when using toys as part of sex.

Various sex toys are arranged on a white background with pink and red hearts. Romantic background for goods from a sex shop

Sex toys must be cleaned thoroughly and properly for continued use. If you don’t, let’s just say… things can get gross. Poor sex toy hygiene is unhealthy and limits the lifespan of your favourite playmates. Proper care can ensure your money goes further and you keep them around for years to come.

But do you know how to clean sex toys properly? Chances are that if you’ve found this blog post, you don’t. But don’t worry, because, at Toys of Love, we’re experts in all things sex toy. Discover how to best clean your favourite toys right here:

Simple Sex Toy Cleaning

Some sex toys are easier to clean than others. It all depends on how porous the material used is. For your classic dildos, butt plugs and the like, you are often looking at materials that are easier to wipe clean or soak. These include sex toys made of:

  • Hard plastics
  • Silicon
  • Glass or metal

To clean these toys, you can place them in very hot or even boiling water to allow for a seriously deep clean, before washing carefully with a warm, damp cloth and antibacterial soap — or gentle antibacterial wipes.

Placing these toys in water helps get into the crevices and cracks you might miss, although be sure to be thorough when you are cleaning anyway, getting into all tight places you can.

Advanced Sex Toy Cleaning

While your plastic or glass toys are easy to clean, some of your more specialist toys may not be. High-end classics and more adventurous options can often be made from materials that include rubber, oils and other absorptive materials. Washing these in the same way as a stainless steel dildo is going to end badly, potentially damaging or destroying the toy.

Here are some of the common types of materials used for more advanced sex toys, and how to clean them:

  • Rubber, Jelly and Latex: Very porous materials, it is tough to properly sanitize these products. The best technique is soap, a little water and ample drying. Don’t soak the toys as it will just cause more water to be absorbed when you want to limit contact. The best way to keep these toys clean and safe to use is by using condoms over the top during your frisky exploits.  


  • Realistic feel material: Some sex toys are designed with materials that are specifically produced to give a realistic feel and sensation. These include products like CyberSkin, Fleshlight and others. These types of materials are very delicate, but have also been manufactured for the purpose of a sex toy and therefore are often made to be easily cleaned. Warm water and plenty of rinsing are often all you need here. Leave to dry well and consider washing twice. With these types of sex toys, there is usually a guide to cleaning, which you should always consult to avoid damage.

How to Clean Sex Toys: Vibrators and Motorised Toys

Of course, your vibrators will need cleaning, too. However, there is a kink in the works here and not the good kind. Vibrators have electrical power sources, which don’t mix with cleaning.

Depending on the material your vibrator is cast around, you’ll need to follow the tips above. However, you should never soak a vibrator, no matter what it’s made of, even the waterproof ones. You should also always remove batteries before cleaning and keep any additional elements, such as wires, away from water.

Another issue with cleaning vibrators is that they need to be opened and closed for battery access — unless they have self-contained, limited-lifespan power units.

This means they’ll often be thin cracks between where elements of the toy meet to allow batteries to be inserted and removed. These contours can become dirty, although you don’t want to clean the sections separately as you can damage the elements that power the toy. The best way to clean these cracks and crevices is with a cheap toothbrush. The bristles can get into the finer points without damaging the device.

Now you know how to clean sex toys, it’s time to start using them! Browse the range of specially selected sex toys, marital aids and more at Toys of Love now.

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