How to Use Sex Toys for Couples

a female sitting on top of a man in sexy lingerie portraying intimacy enhanced with sex toys

Why not use different sex toys with your partner? They can give all the pleasure needed for a great sex life. Sex toys that are multi-functional, whether sex toys for men, sex toys for women or sex toys for couples, is a good idea. Check out mind-blowing sex toys for him and her. Fetish toys like cock rings, multi-purpose vibrators, anal love beads, pocket pussies and breathable ball gags will certainly get things going.

When used correctly, sex toys will shake things up in your sex life. You’re more likely to have multiple orgasms and be encouraged to try new positions. BDSM toys, fetish gear, Colt sex toys and bondage equipment will enhance your sexual journey.


Let’s talk about vibrators. Vibrators are by far one of the most common and popular sex toys on the market. There are literally hundreds of different vibrators available. If you’re new to this type of toy, start out on the lowest vibration setting. Increase the speed as and when you both feel you want to.

Vibrators can be used in many ways. Ideal for vaginal and anal masturbation, they are a definite turn on for adventurous adults. Hitting the right spot, like the G-spot, is every woman’s dream while their guys are really turned on. Vibrators are perfect for anal play and finding a man’s prostate which can also be massaged for sexual satisfaction.

Pleasure rings

You can buy the best adult sex toys online. Top sex toys also include pleasure rings. More commonly known as cock rings, these come in a variety of different options. Pleasure rings can provide a stronger, longer-lasting erection and exciting vibrations. Cock rings can also provide ladies with stimulation of the clitoris making them a top choice for sex toy accessory buys.

Your penis vibrates when inside your partner whether it’s in the anus or rubbing up against the clitoris if positioned properly. Wearing a cock ring will increase your chance of reaching an orgasm while your partner enjoys the vibes when sliding in and out. Why not try it out with our range of sex toys UK?

Sex toy accessories

As well as sex toys, how about buying sex accessories?

There are sex card games, sex board games, bondage toys and sex lube. Ribbed condoms, flavoured condoms and flavoured lube can all add that extra spice to your sex life. Buy adult sex toys, lubricant gel and condoms today.

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