5 Reasons You & Your Loved One Should Start Playing Sex Games

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Remember when you and your partner first met? How you couldn’t keep your hands to yourselves, how every time you had sex you discovered something new and exciting about their body? Do you remember the absolute passion you felt for each and how every desire felt possible? Now, fast-forward. Do you still have that crazy, kinky, unbelievable sex? Possibly not.

However good your relationship, most couples hit a kind of sexual slump. Day-to-day stresses and commitments begin to take priority. Your relationship changes over time. You might move in together, or plan a wedding, or think about having kids. All these things can lead to unimaginative sex, or even a complete and utter dry spell. Shock horror!

Sex is an important part of any sexual relationship. Good sex, meanwhile, is important for your relationship, your happiness and your overall get-up-and-go. Sexy games are a guaranteed way to get the heat back into the sheets.

Here are five amazing ways to use sex games to improve both your sex and your relationship.

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1. Bringing sexy back: sex games and fun in the bedroom

Sex used to be fun, right? When you first start having sex with someone, it’s like a game. What do they like? How do they want to be touched? How does this part fit into this part? Like a game of twister, you experiment with each other’s bodies. Contorting yourself into ridiculous position in the quest for the perfect orgasm. As time goes on and you feel more comfortable with each other, sex becomes less like a game and more like a well-rehearsed routine.

There’s nothing wrong with comfortable and familiar sex; it can be great. But comfort and familiarity often lead to mundanity. When sex stops being fun, why even bother? Sex is more than just a brief moment of sexual release. It’s all about the pleasure of the journey. Sex games insert a boost of fun and playfulness into your bedroom. A sex game does exactly what it says on the tin. They’re games. They’re fun. They help you to take sex less seriously. To get silly, to laugh, to play and to experiment.

Try out Foreplay In A Row for a kinky take on an old classic.

2. Talk it out: sex games and communication

We all know that a good relationship is built on a base of communication. But communication isn’t always easy. Ever started a conversation with your partner, only for it to blow up into an argument? You know, those times when a conversation about the dishes turns into a shouting match about how your partner doesn’t make an effort anymore?

Well, good communication, like anything else, takes practice. Relationships take work and learning to communicate with your partner in a positive way is an important part of the process.

Sex games encourage communication. From talking through the rules to setting it up, a sex game forces you and your partner to talk to one another. Unlike other conversations you might have together, sex games provide boundaries to the conversation. No talk of dishes, or money, or families. When playing sex games, you only need to talk about the game and the pleasure to come. Those are the kinds of conversations we all like to have.

Get talking with a tantalising game of IOU Hot Sex. With over 50 sealed cards, we promise this one will get you talking the right way.

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3. Experiment with fantasy and desires: sex games as a safe-space

How well do you really know your partner? Whether you’ve been together for years or a few weeks, getting down to the deepest, most secret layers of desire is hard. Do you have a repressed kink or desire — something that you’ve never told anyone about but you’ve always wanted to try? Or maybe you’ve tried to casually bring up a sexual fantasy to your partner, only to be left feeling dirty and ashamed? If talking about your dishes is hard, then talking about sex can feel impossible. What if they think I’m a freak? What if they get offended? What if this? what if that?

Sex games provide a safe space to talk openly and freely about your deepest, darkest sexual desires. Within the confines of the game, you begin to feel more at ease, more playful, and more open to the possibility of expressing your kinkiness. Who knows? You may even discover something new about yourself.

Chuck on the blindfold, roll the dice and experiment with light bondage in a playful way with Bound By Love.

4. Get to know each other: sex games as relationship-builders

Testing the limits of your relationships often make them stronger. We’ve all heard stories about how surviving an earthquake bonded a couple, or how going travelling with your partner improves your connection. And yes, travelling together would be fun, although not sure about the earthquake. Couples retreats, extreme adventures and daring escapades may very well help you to bond with your partner, but they can also break the bank.

Sex games provide a much cheaper — and probably much safer — way to push the limits of your relationship. Playing sex games help you and your partner to work together through different situations. You know how puppies play games that will ultimately prepare them for the real world and the challenges they’ll face? Well, the same rule applies here. The game provides different situations for you and your partner to work through. The lessons you learn about each other and how each other work, not just sexually, can all be applied to the broader context of your relationship. Better sex, better relationship. It’s a win/win.

Get crazy with The Bedroom Game and discover new positions and seductive foreplay ideas that are guaranteed to get you both going.

5. Spice things up: creative sex games

So, you want to spice things up, get a little kinky and push the boundaries of your sexual relationship. Great — but how? We all want that toe-curling, sweat-inducing, unimaginable sex, but it’s easy to get stumped. Long days at the office or a hectic week can leave us feeling a little unimaginative when it comes to our sex.

Sex games take the creative pressure off of you. No need to think up some elaborate plan to wow your partner; sex games are an easy and fun way to get creative in the bedroom. Whether telling you to get into different positions, or talk in a way you’ve never talked before or providing you with cheeky outfits, sex games improve your sexual creativity.

Get into character with Sexual Roleplay, a game of dressing up and getting down.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn up the heat in the bedroom with these fun and kinky sex games from Toys Of Love. You won’t regret it!

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