Why Sex Games are Great for Couples

a male and female passionately embracing on the floor in the act of lovemaking and maybe using adult toys

Sex games can be brilliant for couples to spice up the sex life and reintroduce a spark into the relationship. While to the first timer sex games can be daunting, to begin with, they can help you to learn more about each other and learn how to please each other more effectively. As such, sex games can help to strengthen a relationship, and here we’ll explore why sex games are great for couples.

Encourage sexual interaction

We all know that as relationships develop the desire to have sex can abate. This is because couples become comfortable together and relax into a routine. A sex game can help to reverse this trend and encourage feelings of excitement and anticipation for sex once again.

Try new things

One of the main reasons that couples get into a rut is that they get set in a way of doing things. With sex, it is common for couples to get into the habit of only having sex in one or two positions and following the same pattern every time. While this can still be enjoyable it does lack excitement and intrigue. Sex games for couples will encourage you to try new things and experiment so that you can have a more exploratory experience together.

Learn each other’s bodies

Sex games can also make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. This can open your eyes to new ways of doing things and can teach you about the other person’s body as well as your own. By learning more about each other and experimenting together it is possible to increase your ability to please one another and achieve more stimulating climaxes. Sex games can teach you a lot to make your sex better.

They are great fun

Sex games aren’t just great for getting you there; they are also great fun to play. Sex games can be a real laugh with the right person as you try new things, tickle each other and lick things off of one another. Sex games aren’t just about the sex, they’re also about the journey you take together to achieve climax.

They’ll increase tension to breaking point

In a relationship sexual tension is practically non-existent because you both know that you will get there in the end. With sex games, however, the final reward can be put out of reach for just long enough that you will both be ready to explode. With a build-up of sexual tension, you’ll be able to relive that incredible feeling of the first time you got together all over again.

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